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Hello Friends,

This is a mail from one of our (TMAD group) members, Mr. Suresh.

He is really thinking a lot on how to create awareness in people staying in US. I thought of an e-magazine wherein we mention the news of whats going on in India, both good and bad. How different groups and corporate social responsibility wings of different companies trying to help. And also the necessity to unite them all.

Can we collectively do that? Can anyone help him in his efforts?

As Satish garu requested to share few ideas, I am sharing one here. The basic idea is every city, every town collectively can generate the income necessary to address the needs of the sick, poor and other less advantageous people. I wanted to prove this idea by conducting a survey like study. But many persons with whom I discussed this idea, damned it saying that it doesn’t work and companies cannot provide information for their own privacy reasons.

Ofcourse this is the basic idea and we can work for another alternative on how to prove that it would be the case. The thing is the Foundations which have funds are doing social work on a greater scale. Think about small groups and individuals. They are doing tasks individually. But if we collaborate and co-operate, we can address more issues.

I wrote more about few of my thoughts in this respect at:

I am planning to come up with a blog. But with the current workload, I may not be able to do it until November/December.


  1. How many employees are there in particular branch of your company?
  2. What are the income groups?
  3. Say for example, the pay starts from 5K/month.
    • 5k to 10k – 100 rs
    • 10k to 20k – 250 rs
    • 20k to 30k – 500 rs
    • 30k to 40k – 1000 rs
    • 40k to 50k – 1500 rs
    • 50k to 60k – 2000 rs
    • 60k to 70k – 2500 rs
    • 70k to 80k – 3000 rs
    • 80k to 90k – 4000 rs
    • 90k to 100k – 4500 rs

    This is just an idea. It can be some percentage (3 to 5%) of the salary also.

  4. How much amount can be generated from your own branch (It doesn’t mean that everyone will come forward or no one support at all)? Just a survey kind of thing.
  5. Similarly for degree/pg students (who study in corporate colleges). How much pockey money a student in your circle gets every month? How much you can gladly offer?

It doesn’t mean everyone will give or I am not asking any donation or fund. This is just an analysis. Collecting figures and then contrasting it with facts. What could be the moderation? If at all, we suppose that optimized amount can be generated as expected/estimated, how many issues can be solved?


Let me know your opinions.

Thank you.
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From: suresh <>
Date: Sep 3, 2006 9:59 PM
Subject: Re: [tomakeadifference] Few suggestions – especially people who live on NET 🙂

Excuse me for my absence , i was terribly sick for the last week , but not anymore 🙂

What must be done should be done and why only we , because they cannot . There is no limit to what we can do , if we set ourselves to do it.

To be more specific , i’ve been very much bothered by what is happening with the farmers in vidharba , andhra pradesh and with all the floods around. Well what  we can do , to be more specific , what i can do.

A general observation is that there is a large section of indian community in the US who are so into their own world that they just do not have time for anything else. But they do have time for a concert by Himesh reshamia or a broad way show or an every week visit to the temple.

Lack of awareness is surely one big reason. I see that are newspapers, magazines in almost every grocery shop , every indian street , which are full of bollywood news and nothing else. Yeah , a tragic incident , or a disaster is bound to find a spot , but thats about it.

There is no magazine or newspaper that talks about the good things that happen in india ( or the problems faced by the common indian man (

I’m planning to make an effort along with some friends of mine to start this on a small scale in new jersey. It is really important to rekindle the spirits and work as a group and not as individuals.

India shining , india rising are all media hypes , in a true sense , India can only rise and shine when the poor , the rural can see and experience the benefits of a developed India.

again , the activities the M.A.D hyderabad and bangalore have taken up  such as weekly visits to the schools , medical camps, food distribution  . make me feel proud and rejuvenate me to work hard and do contribute.

I’ve used “I” as opposed to “We” just to give my point of view .


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  1. Prasanthi garu,

    In this mail you have discussed about two things.

    1. e-magazine.
    2. Survey of income levels.

    We should limit the scope of e-magazine. Only one should concentrate on “How different groups and corporate social responsibility wings of different companies trying to help. And also the necessity to unite them all.” It should only have news related to above topic. Initially one can plan for quarterly magazine. I can participate in the activity. Some body can take the lead responsibility and divide the work to other interested participants.

    Second the taking up the survey related Salary classes. Doing survey and depending upon the survey, further planning the action is a good idea. But we should discuss about how to do it practically.

    How much man power do we have in field? Let us select one city first. Say Hyderabad. We can divide the hyderabad into 20 or 30 different zones. One person can take the responsibility of one zone. We can get the survey questionaires, printed. That should not have any reference to the company information. It can contain just information about how many employees in different classes, which can be filled up by one responsible incharge of company.

    I feel this data will be definitely useful for further planning and forming a good action plan. With authentic survey data it is easy to convince the target people that whatever action plan we suggest it will be definitely successful.

    Please form a list of people who can involve in this assignment on the field. Even you can think of involving MBA students, who generally take up marketing surveys as projects. They will be very interested in taking up this survey project as it is unique and more useful. If volunteers are less, we can think of hiring people with some remuneration.

    I request all members to comment on these ideas.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  2. Thank you Satish garu.

    E-magazine and survey are two different things. I didn’t mean to relate them both.

    Coming to salary survey and interest level of people in donating according to their personal choice, you are the first one to support this idea.

    I have been told that no company would like to give us the statistics like how many employees are there in each range. I thought of atleast we can have a survey as such….

    1. Name of the Employee
    2. How much he/she is willing to contribute (if at all he is interested): >
    3. Is there any specific area of interest? Education Support, Medical Help, Old age homes, orphanages, serving differently abled persons etc.,
    4. Can they spend their time? If so, how many hours in a month or per week.
    5. Do they expect that their contribution be tax exempted?

    Just few ideas from my side.

    Coming to MBA students or volunteers, if we have perfect plan, timeline and estimate in place, we can think of it.
    I regularly go to CSIM as I am the member of ELC club. Every month there will be a session. They know few NGOs and MBA students from ICFAI do some projects through them.

    But I think we should have a more concrete plan. Let us wait for the suggestions from other members as well.

    Thank you once again to feel that my idea is not impractical.

    We can

    Thank you.

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  3. Hi Karthik,

    Thank you for coming up with your views. Even if there is any criticism, it is welcome.

    Well, Suresh Ediga is the one who proposed this idea. Let us wait how he perceives this idea. As far as I am concerned, I thought of this magazine to be mailed to people at regular intervals. And also distribute the printed copies of them in the Indian Stores in US. >

    We have to meet and talk with Telugu Associations in different countries and see if they can contribute to this effort.

    What I feel is we must have a long term goal, a vision and short term goals and then work on achieving them one by one in fixed timeframe.

    See, we have been supporting the medical help cases. We are trying to see if any hospital comes forward to take care of these cases regularly and we discussed with Eenadu as well. But it didn’t materialise. We should start with the given limitations itself and then as we keep on working, we might get the ideas for alternative approaches or for betterment.

    Thank you.

    On 9/7/06, Karthik wrote:

    Hi Prasanthi/Satish,

    Your ideas are really awesome and on the right track. I support the causes you are taking on.

    However, I have a couple of takes of my own regarding what you have written — these are more of suggestions to give a concrete shape to your ideas than criticism 🙂

    1. E-ZINE: how do you plan to keep people going back to your e-zine over and over again? How do you make it as popular as a or Eenadu newspaper or TV channel? If people don’t make it a practice to come to these websites often, then the noble purpose of the e-zine will not grow (it will stay alive but its power is in its growth). I think that the best way to ensure the growth of the e-zine is to partner with other NGOs so that they can advertise our e-zine on their websites — also, to capture different groups of audiences, different forms of presentations need to be adopted — for example i don’t like to read long stories — but i am willing to watch a small video clip — somebody else may want to watch a powerpoint like slideshow

    Please think of the best forms of presentation — podcasting is one of the popular forms of the above

    2. Regarding surveys: This is another good idea but I think its about high time that the group split its focus into a two pronged approach — people who can contribute a lot of money may not necessarily be able to contribute a lot of time and vice versa. So, it would be appropriate for the senior members of the group to look at communities which can forward the group’s focus in a powerful way.
    My suggestion is that the monetary contribution should be sought from professionals who earn incomes which can support significant and regular contributions. But, given their busy work schedules, they probably cannot contribute their free time regularly — weekends maybe a preferred time for the family or fun! So, the volunteer base which would be actually involved on the court visit poor people, health camps should be comprised of people who have time to contribute — this could be students (pre-university courses, graduate courses), housewives and retired people. By taking this 2 pronged approach — the group will be able to push forward faster.
    Of course, it is not possible to keep a tight distinction like this ‘coz there maybe some rich housewives/retired people and/or professionals with sufficient free time regularly — this has been the case till now — but moving forward, if the group’s senior members are generous with who participates then the impact of the group will expand a lot.


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  4. Hi,

    There are more than 34,000 NGOs in India. Have a look at :


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  5. Hello Friends,

    In continouation to our discussion regarding surveys (please check
    following points from previous mails), let us finalise the questions
    for the two surveys.

    Survey1: To know the general income levels of individual and their
    interest in contributing to social service activity.

    Survey2: To know the interests, work areas and management issues of

    Every body send their questions for inclusion in the surveys. We will
    finalise the questionnaires and then make a good plan for conducting
    the survey.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  6. What should we do next?

    Dear Friends,

    We thought of going for survey. And I made some questionnaire and some objectives list and some coordinating mechanism. May be we can complete the total questionnaire within two weeks. Then what next? Please come out and discuss.

    Obviously the next step will be to distribute the questionnaire among NGOs and get information from them, form a good online database, host a good website, form a good coordinating mechanism and see that all projects taken up by the NGOs get enough attention and achieve their targets.

    Somehow I feel this is as if we are doing from scratch. May be we will be wasting our time. I think we can rearrange the activities and do it a different way.

    As discussed earlier, we should have one online team, who should get involved in research, project planning, website maintenance and publicity for organising funding. We should also have a field team, who should actually be in contact with NGOs and other entities personally and compile their requirements, their results and maintain all the information required for effective coordination.

    After seeing some websites related to NGOs, I feel that instead of going for immidiate survey, we should research for the information from these sites, and compile it and form our database. And also form approximate coordinating mechanism. After some approximate setup has come we
    can analyse the information and go for survey targeting those NGOs which are not covered in initial research online.

    For example, “” is already having following data. The other websites also will have much information.

    34 000 NGO database
    5 000 NGO Briefs
    4000 NGO Programmes
    500 Corporate Interventions of 200 Corporates
    400 Contact details of Funding Agencies with profiles of some of them
    500 Central Government Schemes
    3 000 Statistical Tables
    612 District Forums
    500 Collector database

    If we have to pay them and get information we can do that. That will be cost effective and fast then going for our own survey. There is a need to do some online research before going for field survey.

    So what do you think we should do?

    We should finalise the online team to do the research related to above discussion. Whoever is interested to do this research, please come forward and send your mails to group. After finalising the team, we will discuss among ourselves and assign the work for each member.

    I request every member to come out with your suggestions.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  7. Satish garu and others,
    We have an idea now and we all agreed to proceed with it. Now we need people and a strategy. But before doing that we need to define our scope first. We must be clear of our objectives.
    Let us take one place first and conduct the survey and then find the results. Meanwhile gather people and then do the same exercise.
    As most of us are here in Hyderabad, let us take Hyderabad as the model first. We have so many MNCs and CSR wings of them. Also we have different NGOs and equally many problems.
    Online team — let us wait for interested members who are willing to be part of it. I think from TMAD group, Suresh Ediga will show interest. But I am not sure as he is equally having other target area like Newsletter.
    Field team — I am willing to join but as of now I have to complete few important works, so I may not take up right away. But I am good at co-ordinating. So I can take the responsibility of co-ordination for field team.
    Yeah. We need not re-invent the wheel. But my idea here is encourage the students or educated unemployed who are seeking jobs. As I said, CSIM trains few students of ICFAI. Through them we can approach ICFAI and get the MBA students specializing in this area. I know few freshers (computer science) who are desperately looking for job. We can take their help in going to companies. This will build their confidence and this exercise might help them in their trails of getting a job also. (I guess so.). These people don’t expect much and we can pay them genuinely.
    Anyways, I await others opinions and also criticism of my idea as well.


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  8. Re: [tomakeadifference] Re: [TeluguBrains] What should we do next?

    I’ve had a similar thought of centralizing the information , but from a different prespective. My perspective is more specific , it deals with the out patients (patients who are awaiting financial , medical help and have not been admitted to any hospital).

    I call it as the Out Patient Management System. The idea is , any patient or his/her family can register this with this system and the system will propogate information to the NGO’s , the doctors, the donors and other individuals. The system will automatically update the patients case. Depending on the feedback , the patient will be directed accordingly.

    I’m negotiating this project with a couple of my friends, plan to manage this as a completely open source project.

    The idea in discussion is more on a generic level, but i definetly will be a part of this project, if we choose to accept it.


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  9. Hello Satish garu and others,

    Yes. We can kick start the activities and what can be done online can be done. I will try to see if any of our MAD members shows interest in online survey or with design/programming of the systems.

    Suresh & Satish, you first discuss with each other and come up with a detailed specification. Share your discussion points with us.

    Kashyap, can you chip in and help S&S in coding part?

    I hope we will get more volunteers for our online projects once we are ready with a detailed specification.

    Reg. NGO survey, give me some time. There is one small change i.e. I implied to send the educated unemployed job seekers(simply freshers) to go for a survey in companies. But for that also we have to find their consent and also we need to take permission from the companies. Without a good strategy in place it is not good to venture into it.

    Coming to the questionnaires, I didn’t have a detailed look on them as I have been very busy in office work as well. Also I will talk to CSIM people and know their opinion and suggestions as well. They too might help us both monetarily and personnel wise. Let us see.

    Also during the 3rd and 4th weeks of October, I will be dormant as I will be out of station.


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  10. Re: [TeluguBrains] Survey questionnaires

    Murali Manohar garu,

    I agree with you. Individuals will not be interested in disclosing their interest levels. We are at finalise the mode of Survey1. Prasanthi garu and friends, initially thought of surveying the company’s to know about only number of people and their income levels in that company appromximately. From that information, we wanted to deduce how much money can be generated within the city by extrapolation. We can go to some company’s, one incharge will fill it up. Mentioning
    company names or individual’s names is optional. This is one mode of survey. The other is directly approaching the individuals to their interest in social service activities. If we go for this mode, then we should not ask income levels. Name is always optional. We can cover individuals in apartments and houses in different localilities or individuals in offices.

    Whatever be the mode of Survey, the aim is to deduce the information related to how much money can be generated from individual contributions from within the city (or place) to sustain social service activities in that place.

    Sateesh KumarTVS

    Good thought, to have a survey questionnaire.

    However, in the proposed Survey1: To know the general income levels of individual and their interest in contributing to social service activity – my suggestion is please avoid asking for the General Income level of an individual.

    Rather, you can ask for their interest in contributing to social service activities – as with this, we can have more persons, will take survey – otherwise, they will abort the survey at this stage.

    Murali Manohar A V
    Kuwait – 6851263
    Hyd – 9885398471

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  11. Out Patient Management System

    Hello Friends,

    Previously we discussed about NGO online coordination system. We thought of concentrating on Education and Health care areas. In the proposed system, the students or patients whoever didn’t get support for their further studies or health related issues, can forward their details to the online system. The online system will send the student or patient details to NGOs, Media, Doctors, Schools, Online forums to generate response. The system also will keep track of each case.

    As part of total NGO online coordination system, Suresh from TMAD group suggested Out Patient Management System. We have decided to go ahead
    with this sub module. We prepared a presentation, which I have attached herewith. Please go through and please forward your suggestions. I am now
    in the process of prototype design with VB and MS Access database.

    It will have NGO database, Patient Database, Doctor’s Database, Media Database, Groups database. Anybody whoever is interested can join the efforts to bring a good online NGO coordination system for students and patients.
    Soon we will start a survey to collect the information required for databases.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  12. Hello Friends,

    I started some research on useful technologies for our OPMS project. I started working on VB and MS Access prototype. Parallelly I am searching for good technology to use. We need support from our software development team members for this project. Please come forward and help us to complete the
    project. I am going through some websites to learn about better technologies for webbased database application development. Here is one link I found.
    Please go through them.

    All software developers whoever are interested to contribute to this project write to me to my email address.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  13. Sateesh Kumar Garu,

    Seeing your posting I would like to suggest some thing.

    The objective you mentioned is to connection between needy and NGO org. To do so the application should be a web application just like a message board with sorting of Needy and NGO.

    You have a good idea of how it should look like. I suggest you to write the requirements of how should it function and make it avalable to us. We will take up the process and develop it.

    You need to set the rules that how the application function. Developers will do the technical part.


    Swaroop Kunduru.

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  14. Swaroop Garu,

    As outlined, the objective of the OPMS system is to provide a connection between needy patients to NGOs, media, online groups, donors and doctors.

    When a needy patient visits OPMS website, we should provide him with a entry
    form for entering his case details. Once he enters details, we should generate a report and send it to concerned NGOs, concerned doctors, all media, online groups and donors. There should also be entry forms for entering information related to NGOs, doctors, media, groups and donors information. Whatever data we enter in the forms should be stored in data base back end. We should categorise NGOs, and doctors depending upon their area of specialisation, like they may be concentrating eye operations, heart operations for example. So whenever needy patient enters his case, we should search the database for NGOs and doctors who can deal with the patient’s case and send report to them. And same report can be sent to all media and groups. The responses from NGOs and doctors also should be compiled and one case report should be generated to keep track of the case.

    In the attached file we have suggested some tables with some fields. At present, we have to decide about webserver and database server technologies which we have to use. We should select an operating system, a Web server, an SQL server, and a Web-development tool.

    The combination can be

    Windows 2003 Server & MS IIS & MS SQL Server & Allaire Cold Fusion


    Linux & Apache & Mysql & Perl

    If somebody who has already worked on similar application can decide, and suggest where to start, we can proceed with discussion and divide the modules and go ahead.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  15. Sateesh Garu,

    A simple model-view-control will work fine for this application as there will be about 10hits per minute or less.

    Starting the view should be an ASP/JSP( it is almost HTML coding in them) and control will be Servlet/(??? windows component) and model will be java/VB classes.

    Any backend database is fine I prefer MySQL because it is free for 5 users.

    Any OS is O.K ones set the Hardware and we should upload the requirements document and we can start working on it.


    Swaroop Kunduru.

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  16. Hello Friends,

    At present I have made plan to host OPMS system on my home PC. I planned to used Windows XP with IIS as webserver, MySQL as database server and PHP for scripting. This I have chosen as there examples and tutorials are available.

    Once I configure everything then I will use SVN for source code managment.

    What do you think about my plan.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  17. Satish garu

    MySql & PHP is definitely a good choice. The following link can give many further useful, related links


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  18. Kiran & Satish,

    MySql is O.K for database but I know HTML and don’t know PHP I can start building forms and send it to Satish.

    On going we will put the source code somewhere on net.

    Let us make a requirements HTML document to share the work and load it on our site under projects menu.

    Start from developing forms in asp as it can be developed in HTML.

    Satish, you have given a high level overview and it is not sufficient we should dig down and make a detailed document and upload on the site.

    As a start I’ll create header.asp, footer.asp and menu.asp. All the files I use sky-blue background and red-text because it is Healthcare related.

    Ones we get the suggestions from the members we will make changes accordingly.

    I need an image with a red cross (+) in blue circle with Telugu Brains text in it, it will be the logo for our site.

    Let us start working.


    Swaroop Kunduru

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  19. Hello Friends,

    Myself and Mr.Swaroop participated in Voice conference on yahoo messenger on saturday at scheduled time.
    Next voice conference is scheduled on December 9th (Saturday) 7PM IST(Indian Standard Time). Whoever is
    free that time, they can attend. Meanwhile we can continue our discussion through mails.

    We decided to concentrate on forms at first and link with to some test tables in the database. We decided to use
    PHP scripting in combination with MySQL database server. For the time being we will go with IIS webserver on
    my system with Windows XP professional service pack 2 for testing the prototype.

    We also decided to put all important information at one place. So I created one page for OPMS and put it at
    this link. All the information related to OPMS I will put at this link.

    Mr. Swaroop will concentrate on Forms design. Mr. Suresh will concentrate on SourceForge related project management.
    I am working on compiling software requirements. Dakshina Murthy garu and Uday Bhaskar garu come up with your ideas
    and management skills and share their experience in this regard.

    I tested IIS webserver hosting on my system. I created sample index.php file for my web page and I was able to see it
    from IE but was not able to see Mr.Swaroops computer. Do anybody have idea about IIS server settings. Anyway I am
    reading material to setup the IIS webserver correctly. MySQL and PHP are installed and working well.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007

  20. Sateesh Garu,

    I mentioned about Model, View and Controler in my last mail.

    In Model we should concentrate on How the business model should function like creating local, global and remote functions (Developing such processes.)

    In View we should concentrate the presentation of web pages to clients.

    In controller we should concentrate on HTTP request processing.

    In Java Technologies I can give the examples like JSP will be view, Java programs will handle business process and Servlet will be in between both of them as a controller.

    We should devide the work and define each functionality. Also Database design is another area we should concentrate.

    Kunduru Swaroop

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 1, 2007


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