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TMAD Setting Up a Children Home

This is compilation of mails related to discussion going on in “ToMakeADifference” Yahoo group with regards to setting up a children home and old age home.

Please go through the discussion and add your comments.


Sateesh Kumar TVS



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  1. Hello Friends,


    This is thinking aloud on we, TMAD members, taking up a serious
    project. The proposal is not for this year. If you all like the idea
    and are willing to volunteer to do the ground work and preparing a
    detailed project report, then we will pursue.

    Most of us wanted to set up a school and we did discuss about it for
    some time and decided that the time is not ripe.

    How this idea gained voice again!!

    1. My cousin, Venu, who attended our June Month’s Meeting expressed
    that with our current strength (on Yahoo Group) and given number of
    volunteers, we should have started the Orphanage sort of thing long
    before and we wasted a lot of time.

    On Yahoo Group, we have 184 members. Assume it to be 185.

    If we can expect Rs. 500 from 185 members, it would be Rs. 92, 500.
    If we get Tax Exemption, most of our friends will chip in. If we can
    keep a target of Rs. 75000 a month, we can easily run an orphanage.
    (NagaChandrika Devi garu of PremaNilayam told that the average
    monthly expenses for the home is Rs. 80000 per month).

    2. Srivyal

    Srivyal and I were chatting for few minutes occasionally and the
    discussion came. He showed interest to know the ideas and is ready to
    implement the practical ideas on experimental basis.

    3. Suresh Ediga

    Suresh is now associated with TeluguPeople Foundation also. They took
    over an Orphan Home for Girls in Cuddapah and he has suggested about
    identifying opportunities that can help generate income for the
    organization such as sewing & tailoring ; buy 2 or 3 cows for
    producing milks; weaving; basket making or any other option based on
    the local conditions.

    4. Dr. Bala Sreenivas

    On one occasion, Dr. Bala also suggested that we should set up an
    Orphanage and work on it.

    Based on all these influences, I wanted to give it a serious thought.
    At least I want to share them. Now that we have many experienced
    people in our group, we can get lot of suggestions.

    This is my Utopia:


    Financial Sustenance:
    We should run an ideal Children-Old Age Home which sustains on its
    own and does not depend on outside contributions except for the
    initial two years. Whatever we spent on the initial two years we
    should be able to get back in the next three years. This is something
    like we are lending the money and taking it back without any interest.

    Enough with the current system of education. We should think of
    progressive system which makes them confident human beings and their
    courage and hope of life shouldn’t depend on the money they earn.

    Also the livelihoods should be traditional and our own. We should not
    teach them to be employed in BPOs. They shouldn’t get affected by the
    IT/BPO tides.

    More Details


    1. There should be a plenty of space for them to play.

    2. Preferably with trees and also open space.

    3. The place should be with good ventilation and scope for free flow
    of air.

    4. Should have good conveyance to the city


    1. We will not join them in any schools.

    2. We employ in-house teachers.

    What do we teach?

    1. We will teach them different languages, a minimum of 5.
    (Telugu, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu and a foreign language)

    2. Coming to Mathematics, Science and Social, we should have a novel
    (We should take the advice of trained teachers and we also should
    analyse the syllabus (both State and Central))

    Basically what I feel is that we shouldn’t rub them with unnecessary
    and unwanted load. What is useful to them in regular life is what we

    See now the Govts. are planning for Integrated Intermediate that
    enables them to join PG without Graduation. We are wasting lot of


    We will teach them

    1. Yoga

    2. Martial Arts

    3. Sports (Traditional Indian Sports – Not Cricket)

    4. Gardening, Milking Cows, Buffaloes

    5. Handicrafts

    4. New age professions: Tourism, Anchoring, Reporting, Banking
    We do not encourage the BPO Professions (sustenance of which is not


    We should generate income from the Orphanage itself.

    For Milk, Vegetables and Fruits (some varieties), we should depend on
    our own place.
    — We will maintain Cows, grow plants (vegetables, leafy
    vegetables and fruits)

    We invest in a Micro Unit (a small scale industry) and tie up with
    Corporates for sale.

    We will provide employment to women and few old couple.

    A simultaneous old age home is also run but not in the sense of
    regular homes again. Old couple or old people who are alone and who
    wants to spend their twilight years by doing something concrete, we
    will house them.

    We will provide them with clothes, food and shelter. In turn they
    should take care of the children and other activities.

    They should treat the children as their own grands. They should teach
    them stories and all.


    Please give it a serious thought. If majority of you agrees to this
    idea, we will work on it and hopefully start the Home in next year,
    on our Official Second Anniversary (in reality, fourth anniversary).

    Please keep in mind, when there is a will, there is a way. When you
    aspire something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to
    achieve it.

    Thank you.

    with regards,

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 22, 2008

  2. We might think that how the children get Degrees?

    As SSC is necessary, we will train them to attend SSC. We will
    encourage them to join courses through Distance Mode.

    When it comes to their employment, let us not think that they should
    get into the regular bandwagon.

    We should encourage them to enter into Civils or similar exams or mould
    them to be Entrepreneurs. We should imbibe such a confidence that they
    should be able to make their living. We should prepare them for the


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 22, 2008

  3. Hi All,

    It is too ideal to have this kind of school but I believe it is possible to make this into reailty by being together and commit ourselves to it. A short term vision and long term vision are always better for our group.

    Hope to hear more from others.


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 22, 2008

  4. The level of commitment in terms of time, money, planning & implementation, field work and all the structural/day to day things this project will demand is my thought as of now. Can we depends on all of us meeting these together – all thru??

    Well, thr is this other end aswell – we keep pushing it away saying tomorrow or a bit later and so on, and that tomorrow never really happns. At some point, we have to decide – yes.

    Adopting a school/orphanage is one thing – but running it all by ourselves is a whole diff picture.

    I am not trying to discourage any here, just writing down my immediate thoughts aloud. I luv the idea that we can start something such from our own group. Just making sure thr is so much commitment in us – in all directions.

    Also – adding couple more things apart from what Prasanthi mentioned – that we might come across working on this project :

    Who will actually run the orphanage – all of hyd team are full time employees. Some ppl need to be thr 24/7 – so we are talking of staff here which is followed by salaries – even if its not a big no. I personally wudn’t depend on volunteers totally – since ‘volunteering’ always has that window whr one can just quit anytime. Unless by luck u find someone who is that committed to it.

    Not to send any negative vibes – but I have read so many scandals involved with orphanages – some that might purely be media myth – but many a time noticed that media/govt interventions are a big headache. This is just a thought here though – like how easy or how hard is it to deal with such situations?? And do many orphanages go thru this ?? If so, do we have to restrict ourselves to a certain age group of kids and seniors ?? I might just be thinking overboard here aswell – unsure.

    One of our biggest assumptions on financial end here is that every volunteer commits to his monthly donation. what if a certain % just dont’ respond for some reason – will we be able to manage amongst the rest?? I do have to say though that I myself wud give the last preference to money issues – since we have managed raising money many a time beyond our own expectations. But, we perhaps have to quickly just make sure that we are within our budget/number limits. Also – this is a monthly recurring thing.

    Might be a silly thought – but to my self assurance – just so I (as in TMAD group) get that push I need on deciding – I wud perhaps add a file in our group page whr all the members who are ready to commit to this giving their best in all ups and downs – go in and say ‘YES’. Will give us a no we can look forward to working with – a team that we can pick from.

    As always – we the overseas teams are always thr to do all we can – but it is usually limited to certain areas. We can provide the fuel – but field teams are life of the project. We will need a good balanced no between both here – an admin team & a working team.

    I will sleep on this for couple of days – before I give a yes or no on the project – from my end. I will undoubtedly be encouraged to be a part of it – seeing more positive thoughts – members who feel we can do this – and are willing to give it a good shot.


    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 22, 2008

  5. Hello Friends,

    It is good idea. Let us pool up some 20 volunteers who can
    continuously support this for first two years. These volunteers
    need to be available in the area where the home is proposed, and
    provide physical support for maintenance and management of the
    school on part time basis.

    We need another 20 donors who can support by way of financing the
    home for first two years. May be NRIs from other countries, can
    contribute for this cause. Meanwhile we should make plan for
    self sustainability of home maintenance. I can contribute financially
    to some extent for this project.

    This kind of project, unlike other projects, I feel will provide
    more focussed and concentrated approach for handling present day
    issues related to society.

    Let us discuss more on this project. We know that there will
    be difficulty in execution because of lack of proper planning,
    unsustainability of efforts, uncertain events. As volunteers,
    we will also be busy with our personal lives. Still we can
    come out with a proper execution plan after continous discussion.

    Sateesh Kumar TVS

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా telugubrains | జూన్ 22, 2008

  6. Hi,

    I just came across this website through Harinath’s website ( Felt happy to read information here and particularly this post. Glad to meet all the people who are willing ‘To Make A Difference’. I will subscribe to the Yahoo Group.

    I am very much interested in this initiation, and let me know how can I participate in your discussions. Whether I am part of this good idea, I wish you all the best for this.

    Keep going…

    Best Regards,

    వ్యాఖ్య ద్వారా Pradeep | జూలై 26, 2008

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